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8-11-14 I am just getting my Pehidgets bridge USB scale ready for deployment. The scale base and load cell circuitry is complete minus packaging and code to post to Hivetool. It would be great to corroborate with others. Drop me an email if you like Several more designs waiting time to assemble and deploy.

VB Code Development

Paul here: Awesome! Beautiful frame. It looks like the sides bolt together but I assume there is some welding?

Are you using the code from the Visual Basic 6.0 link on the Phidget website? In the archive there is PhidgetBridgeExamples that I think might produce Bridge-full.exe?

From the code it looks like some sliders where you can set the gain, offset, etc? I assume you have that working?

I guess I need to get access to a Window machine. Hmm - but I don't have the phidget board ... If I have a Windows box, can I remotely access your machine with the phidet? Like remote desktop? Sorry, I haven't done any windows development in about 12 years.

Can you please describe exactly what you want to do and maybe post part of what you have done?