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Adding a RTC to the Hive Interface board.
Adding a RTC to the Hive Interface board.
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Adding a RTC to the Hive Interface board.



This module almost plugs in to H2 (the I2C bus) on the Hive Interface board. A minor modification is required. As +5 VDC is not used and the ground must be shifted down a pin:

  1. The ground on C? must be moved.
  2. To be safe, the 4th pin of a 1x5 male header should be removed.
  3. Solder the 1x5 header in J7 BUT SHIFT IT DOWN ONE PIN.

H2 I2C Bus
Pin Signal New H2 for RTC
1 +5 No connect
2 +3.3 Pin 1 of H2
3 I2C Pin 2 of H2
4 I2C Pin 3 of H2
5 Ground No connect
Ground for C Ground Pin 5 of H2


These instructions work, but are not complete in that the RTC is not set to the ntp servers when ntp servers are available:


These instructions appear to be better but I have not tested them: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=85683