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Features planned for Hivetool Version 0.9

  1. Synchronize local and online databases
  2. Capture configuration parameters.
  3. Capture local system health metrics.
  4. iHive speech synthesis over Bluetooth
  5. Add NASA Data Download.
  6. Add more help pages including sensor connector pictures. Put the whole Hivetool wiki on the image?
  7. Add comment field to beekeeper interface to annotate the data.
  8. Data sampling engine See Change: Data Acquisition
  9. Data reduction and compression. Change the weather updates from being downloaded to the hive computer and then uploaded to the public server to reduce the amount of data transferred when using 3G/4G communication to minimize the charges for data transfer. The beehive would send only hive data to the public server, and the public server would fetch the weather data from public sources. This would also simplify the administration when moving the hives to another location, so the client doesn’t need to be updated. In Norway it’s normal to change the location 2 times per year. Also see Change: Weather Data.
  10. Integrate HiveControl or drop it.
  11. Change weather download from XML to JSON

Driver Update

  1. DHT22 add CircuitPython library: to replace DEPRECATED Adafruit Python DHT Sensor Library

Add nftables

sudo apt-get install nftables