Cellular Communication

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The main goal for this is to have a hive sending data in areas not covered with network cable to house or outside WiFi range. There is also a problem with sites without AC power. This is also covered in the section for Solar Panel.

My setup for this is: - Raspberry Pi - HAT board - Weighing cells - 2 x DHT22 Temperatur / Humidity sensors - TSL2591 Lux sensor - Edimax E180 3G modem - WiFi from Raspberry

There are several things to think about 1. Is this the only hive who should be connected to internet. 2. If there is more that one, you need to set it up as a router. 3. If there is only two hives a ethernet cable between would be the most power effeciant. 4. If there is more than two, you need a ethernet hub or using wifi between hives (wifi use a lot of power)

1. Only one hive connecting Setting up for connecting to Internet [1]