Bee counter software

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Threshold image.
Filtered (smothed) threshold image.
Show contours
Show contours and tracks.
Same but input image is off
White track has terminated in green area and will count as out

beeTrack1 is a c++ program using openCV libraries. Here is an example of it processing video:

Processing steps for each frame:

  1. Convert image to grey scale.
  2. Threshold based on grey value.
  3. Filter to smooth the noise.
  4. Draw a color contour around each object and color code it based on size (area).
  5. Check each existing track to see if one falls within a contour of an object.
  6. If so, append the center coordinates of the object to the track. If not, start a new track.
  7. When the track ends, increment the In or out counter depending on where the track ends.
1 beeBrown
2 beesRed
3 beesOrange
4 beesYellow
5 beesGreen
6 beesBlue
7 beesViolet