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Green Goddess July 7, 2014

The goal is to have a suite of videos made in different lighting conditions with different levels of activity. The number of bees departing and arriving will have to be manually counted. These videos would be used as a basis for evaluating the counting algorithms.

These two 30 second videos were taken with the entrance camera on July 7, 2014 at 3:30 and 6:00 pm during a period of weight gain. This was probably not during a nectar flow but looks like robbing as there is no evaporation at night.

http://hivetool.org/counter/gg_20140707_1800.flv http://hivetool.org/counter/gg_20140707_1530.flv

These videos were made with a Logitech HD920 camera using ffmpeg/ffserver with the following settings:

 <Stream gg-640.swf>
    Feed feed1.ffm
    Format swf
    VideoFrameRate 15
    VideoBitRate 1600
    VideoQMin 1
    VideoQMax 5
    VideoSize 640x480
    PreRoll 0
    AVOptionVideo flags +global_header
    AVOptionAudio flags +global_header

This video is of the front of the hive. It gives an idea of what the entrance camera looks like: