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Here, maybe the section "System" would be "Application" and you could add similar information for Waypoint01 on the Frame: Vacuum Formed Frame: A Plastic/Aluminum Hybrid page.

I'm getting kicked out of starbucks so I'll have to finish this later.

Ha Ha - that's rich. You were occupying too much bandwidth? bench width?

Do you know you can drop a hive graph into a page on any website like this: <img src=>

or a more complex example: <img src= alt="Graph of Hive Weight and Temperature Waypoint01 Colleyville, Texas 614 feet elevation" title="Hive Waypoint01 Weight and Temperature Graph Colleyville, Texas 614 feet elevation">

So if a school or organization wishes to put the graph of their hive on their website, it is real easy.

Also, if you replace:

with ==OVERVIEW== or ==OVERVIEW==

it will build a TOC for you.

Section 1

Section 1.a

Section 1.A.1

Section 2