Solder shield and connectors

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Solder shield and terminal block connectors on HX711 board.

Solder shield and terminal block connectors on HX711 board. This is already done on the developer kits.

These steps are only necessary if you obtained parts independently.

  1. Place the shield over the components making sure all 5 tabs go into the holes.
  2. Turn board over and bend the tab nearest the 4 holes for the digital signals (VCC, DO/RX, CK/TX,GND) toward the center of the board. Bend this tab all the way over so it will not interfere with installing the terminal block connector.
  3. Solder all 5 tabs.
  4. Place a piece of tape over the tab that was bent over.

Prepare terminal block connectors for installation on HX711 board.

The connector pins are too large for the holes. Each connector pin needs to be squeezed slightly with pliers.

Install the terminal block connectors. Make sure the entries (the openings where the wires are inserted) are facing out.

Solder terminal blocks.

Turn the board over so the component side is up and solder the pins on the terminal block connectors.