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Rain Gauge

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

These have a bucket with two compartments that tips when one fills up which dumps the full bucket, starts filling the other bucket. As the bucket tips, a magnet swings by a magnetic read switch and briefly closes the contacts. The switch is connected between ground and one of the Pi GPIO line XXX. The PIGPIOD daemon/library monitors this GPIO line.


Rainwise <>


Properly terminated RJ11 cable connect the rain gauge to the Yellow and Red wires.

Yellow Ground Red GPIO XXX

Connection to the Hive Interface baord

Plug the RJ11 into the proper RJ11 jack on the Hive Interface Board.

Hive Interface Board 0.3 and 1.0 Digital Sensor Ports

This is the default sensor configuration but others are possible. The I2C bus communicates with the TSL2195 lux sensor, the DS3231 RTC and the BME680 Temp/Humidity/Pressure/Gas sensor.

Hive Interface Board Digital Sensor Inputs
Name/Purpose Interface Header Pins Sensors
Lux I2C 3, 5 TSL2561 TSL2591 BME680
Hive Temp RH GPIO/1-Wire DHT:13 1-Wire:11 DHT11 DHT22 DS18B20
Ambient Temp RH GPIO/1-Wire DHT:15 1-Wire:11 DHT11 DHT22 DS18B20
Rain GPIO/1-Wire Rain:22 1-Wire:11 Tipping bucket rain gage and/orDS18B20

Turn on the Rain Gauge in the Configuration Page