Frame: Ultimate Bottom Board/Aluminum Hybrid

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I'm getting kicked out of starbucks so I'll have to finish this later.

Overview - The HawaUbee Hivetool System is totally off the grid; it is powered by two 185W; 5.17AMP solar panels which charge Three 35AMP hour batteries and is wired with an inline fuse incase anything goes haywire. Each scale is run by separate raspberry Pi computer systems contained in individual Pellican water-tight storage boxes. The entire system is enclosed in a small outdoor storage shed which is anchored to the ground to prevent tipping. The scales under HawaUbee and HawaUbee02 are constructed out of stainless steel "L" angle. Wires from the load cells are run into a watertight junction box and then are run through a protective conduit and connect to the Pi computer systems. Both Pi systems have wireless USB dongles that connect to an AT&T velocity hotspot. Below are pictures of some milestones for both HawaUbee and HawaUbee02 HiveTool Scales
HiveTool Scale: HawaUbee