Frame: The Thrifty-Bee Scale: A low-cost All Aluminum Scale

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Picture of the HawaUbee Scale Design


The HawaUBee Scale utilizes all aluminum construction consisting of angle and flat material. This frame was designed keep production, material, and shipping costs to a minimum. The HawaUBee Scale is a light weight durable scale that requires only a screw driver to assemble. This scale is composed of 4 main pieces, 2 identical aluminum angle pieces act as the hive rails and 2 identical cross members constructed of flat aluminum stock. This scale may qualify as a production candidate in the future however, if you would like to construct this scale on your own I have uploaded a .pdf document with the measurements that will accommodate a 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive.


Production of this scale started out by creating a very accurate drill jig, this would allow me to make additional scales fairly quickly with acceptable accuracy. The aluminum angle pieces were cut to the exact same length and 4 holes were drilled in each piece of angle to accommodate the installation of the cross members. Aluminum flat stock was used to construct the cross members and 4 holes were drilled in each piece that would align with the holes drilled in the hive rails. The aluminum angle holes were then beveled to accept flathead screws allowing for a flush installation across the top of the rails where the bottom board of the hive will sit. The entire scale is held together with 8 screws that feed through the angle, cross members, and into the load cells. The cross members serve as the spacer required by the load cells. Since the load cells are threaded they conveniently act as a functional nut. Very simple construction with minimal waste.


HiveTool Scale: Not Yet Deployed






PROS: Low Cost Materials, Light Weight, Compact (when disassembled), Easy Assembly, Sturdy, Design Plans Online CONS: AVAILABILITY: Not Yet Available


David Hawa- HiveTool