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First, read [href=http://honeybeenet.gsfc.nasa.gov/Docs/ScaleHiveProtocol.pdf Protocol for Scale Hive Measurements of the Honey Bee Nectar Flow]

In summary:

  1. The scale should read to at least .25 lb.
  2. Pry and spring scales are probably not accurate enough and should not be used.
  3. Over super to provide adequate drawn comb for nectar storage.

Pry Scales

 Tom Rearick, from Roswell, Georgia, has engineered an electronic pry scale.  Details are on his website, <a href=http://www.beehacker.com/wp/?page_id=55>BeeHacker.com</a>.  In general, pry scales quantify the "heft" test, done in the spring or fall to measure the amount of stores.  Usually, half of the hive weight is measured, as you only lift one side.  The reading is doubled or another reading is taken from the other side of the hive, and the two reading added together.
 <a href=bee_hacker_pry_scale_large.jpg><img src=bee_hacker_pry_scale.jpg></a>

Bathroom Spring Scales

 Allen Hayes has designed <a href=http://www.nhbeekeepers.org/Hive_Scale.pdf>a hive scale using a spring bathroom scale</a>
 <a href=Allen_Hayes1.jpg><img src=Allen_Hayes1_400.jpg></a>