Pollen Identification

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The proposed system would consist of a pollen trap, a digital microscope, a weigh pan, and a motor driven carousel cartridge with 30 vials of alcohol. As a load of pollen got knocked off by the pollen trap, it would be photographed and analyzed, and then go to a weight pan. At the end of the day, the final weight would be logged and the pan dumped into a vial of alcohol. The carousel would rotate to the next vial. The carousel would also seal the vials.

Automation of Pollen Analysis using a Computer Craig Alexander Holdaway

Automated pollen identification using microscopic imaging and texture analysis J. Victor Marcosa, Rodrigo Navab, Gabriel Cristobala, Rafael Redondoa, Boris Escalante-Ramırezb, Gloria Buenoc, Oscar Denizc, Amelia Gonzalez-Portod, Cristina Pardoe, Francois Chung, Tomas Rodrıguez