Hardware: Hive Interface Board 4

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Can operate with the Pi or as a standalone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device. Replaces the HX711 single channel ADC with an 8 channel.

Bug Fixes

  1. Move the LED from Pin 7 GPCLK0 (RPi GPIO 7 or BCM GPIO 4) to Pin 11 (RPi GPIO 0 or BCM GPIO 17) so it doesn't conflict with the 1-Wire default pin.


  • AD7124-8 24 bit ADC with 8 differential inputs

Provides independent channels for each of the 4 load cells or four scales with 4 loads cells in parallel.

  • Instrumentation Amplifiers for load cells.

Maybe not necessary. Preliminary tests using the EVAL-AD7124-8 board are able to resolve to .001 lbs (.45 g) without external amplifiers.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support

Uses the BMD301 containing the Nordic nRF52 32 bit ARM processor with GPIO lines and eight 16 bit ADC inputs.

  • BMD301 32 bit ARM processor with GPIO lines and eight 16 bit ADC inputs
  • 40 pin header plug into a Pi.

The board can run from the Pi without the BMD301 as a replacement for the HX711

  • two coin cells to power the BMD301
  • BMD301 (Nordic nRF52) can be programmed via the Pi.

Data Sheets

AD7124-8 (pdf)